Our Focus

A full gospel, Bible based, Christ centered, Spirit-filled fellowship in the inner city of Montgomery, Alabama. (1) The Lord has blessed SAHFF with love, unity and respect—we purpose to keep the unity of the faith in the bond of love (2) We purpose to resist any and every attempt of Satan to disrupt or destroy our personal relationship with Jesus Christ or with each other. (3) We purpose to keep our hearts free from any resentment and to walk in forgiving love and be transparent in our dealings with each other. (4) We purpose to continue to develop relational responsibility towards one another—by having a genuine concern for our fellowship brethren and praying for each other daily. (5) With the help of the Lord we purpose to keep our lives and our homes pure and free from any and every thing that leads to ungodliness. (6) We purpose to always be a rake and never be a shovel to those the Lord send to SAHFF. (7)We will relate to every one who comes to visit SAHFF with love and kindness and see them as a potential brother/sister in Christ and member of SAHFF (8) We purpose to daily exercise our God given authority over demonic spirits—putting off, putting on, binding, loosing, casting out, tearing down, resisting, rebuking etc. (9) We purpose to intercede regularly for those on our personal prayer list—to weaken the power of Satan over them and work towards their eternal salvation. (10) Having free access to the throne of grace we purpose to avail ourselves to others to take their request to the Lord—our homes will be places of prayer. (10) We purpose to be a positive influence for eternal good – sharing our faith in JESUS CHRIST when an opportunity is given. < <<< < << <<<

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