Pleasing God
Outside the
Comfort Zone


This book will inspire you. It speaks of our hearing the voice of God and following His call. It shows that times of adversity will come into our lives even when we are doing the will of the Lord. Yes, we went through hardships, but as we look back, we can say, it was worth it. For as we patiently waited on the Lord and trusted His faithfulness He came through for us. It also encourages the reader to walk in obedience. It has testimonies of healings, miracles, deliverances, the Lord's protection, acts of obedience and their rewards, acts of disobedience and their consequences. Doing the will of God, there is peace, joy, and contentment even Outside the Comfort Zone.

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254 pages
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Published 1999




This book is designed to remind us all saints and sinners alike, that there are consequences for all our actions. In it I draw some of my life's experiences and some of the things I encountered in 34 years as a minister of the Gospel. It is my hope that it would motivate us to seek the salvation of the lost, and that every unbeliever who reads it would heed the warning and get right with God through a relationship with Jesus Christ and flee from the wrath to come. I caution you to seriously Consider the Afterwards.


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152 pages
Publishes Spring 2003


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